spiritual breakdown


“spiritual breakdown” just as the name says is a break. my personal break in trying to evolve the production of work into an abstract almost spiritual observation.

i like paintings, but it is unlikely that i will ever start to paint. i like this fine line of being enthusiastic, of wanting but hesitating to try. in this way i always feel like learning more, talking more with my painter friends, understanding the movements and gestures better. i like the theories, using them as a basis, taking them into my daily practice of work.

resuming my studio practice, starting with the series “paisagem original” and “síntese” i continue the exploration of the abstract in “spiritual breakdown”. strongly influenced by the brazilian concretist movement of the 1960s, and by american minimalist artists of the same period. always in an attempt to deconstruct the landscape that i see every day on the street, where i mostly produce my photographs.

spiritual breakdown is the present moment where i find myself. the break for the discrete gesture, for the complete abstraction of the landscape.

spiritual breakdown
7680 x 6144 pixels, 72 dpi
unique edition
(digital montages and details for reference only)

available on foundation.