03/20/2017 - Bored brides for Revista sãopaulo

Revista sãopaulo is a magazine from the daily huge, Folha de São Paulo newspaper, it is published on Sundays.

It is about everything relevant that happens on the city, every week. From urbanism, traffic and people from the city to a culture guide, like restaurants and art expositions. Time to time, they make special editions, like the current one, which is all about by brides.

I shot a few bored brides for the magazine in a hotel room, I tryed to imagined them before or after the event, and, not necessary anxious or happy with they ceremony.

Just a kidding on the subject =)

Makeup by Rafaella Crepaldi (Nars), Gui Orbêa (Lowell), Chloe Gaya (Jacques Janine), Adal Alves (Jacques Janine) and João Boccaletto (Jacques Janine). Styling by Aline Prado.

03/13/2017 - Avon/Mark for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Last January I traveled to New York City, to spend a few days off and shooting an advertorial for Avon and the Cosmopolitan Magazine.

At the time, Avon was launching a new makeup brand, called, Mark. For the launch of the new brand, Avon invited as cover girl the powerful brazilian rapper Karol Conka.

On a very windy and cold day, between coffees, we went to the streets of Williamsburg to shooting the editorial. We shot I think in just three hours. Karol is a supermodel as much as a rapper!

To complete the editorial and follow the new brand design, I made four digital collages with images that I took with my Polaroid and film camera while I was in the city.

The whole process to finish the collage work was a bit slower than the usual, but I think the result is great, and fits perfect to the new brand. I’m glad with the results.

Thanks Cris for the invite and trust!

Creative direction by Cris Naumovs, beauty edition by Vânia Goy, fashion styling by Marcio Banfi and Helena Sasseron, makeup by Max Weber.

Click on the image below.

03/05/2017 - Piet on Vogue Italia

My friend, Pedro Andrade, gave an interview for Rosario Morabito, from Vogue Italia, about his brand, Piet. They talked about his background on fashion and what he is planning for the future of the brand.

I’ve been shooting the Piet’s campaigns since 2014 and I still love those images! I feel very proud of my friends! Congratulations, Pedro!

Click on the image below to go to the article.

03/06/2017 - Iza for Cosmopolitan Magazine

I shot the singer Iza for the cover of the latest Cosmopolitan Brasil magazine. She is amazing!

Creative direction by Cris Naumovs, fashion edition by Thais Barakat, styling by Marcio Banfi, make up by Andre Veloso.

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02/23/2017 - Ferramenta Editions / Print of the Week

Ferramenta Editions select every week an image to sell in a special format and price. This week they selected a picture of my project Das Ruas, hope you like it! It will be available for just the week or until someone buy it, it is just one copy, don’t miss it!

Click on the image below to go to Ferramenta Editions.